Missing Addresses

Cleaning out my mother's study, I came across her old address book, which had sustained some water damage, in addition to having weathered multiple decades of entries and deletions...mostly deletions! A testament to the brevity and mutability of life and friendships ...


Mirror Darkly

Spent a morning in the farming community of Monroe, Washington. While I was taking these shots of parallel worlds, a few miles away a mountainside was sloughing off and burying Oso, a village in the foothills, under twenty feet of mud.


Through the looking glass

A pleasant afternoon in Snohomish, Washington, avoiding the monsoon in a number of antique stores...
More of everything


Strange interior 

The corner


Still life with grille


The Hats of Wayne County

A few years ago I read a fascinating book titled Hatless Jack: The President, the Fedora, and the History of American Style, which attributed the demise of previously ubiquitous male hattage to the dashing JFK, who never sported the standard presidential fedoras.

This week's Sepia Saturday theme involves hats, so I offer here a selection of hats that my grandfather Bentley wore. Most of these photos I've previously posted in their full state, and have cropped them a bit for this post...

Here is George, center, in a youthful flat cap.  The year is most likely in the 'Teens. He's standing in front of the Bentley Bros. general store and gas station, with his brother Clyde to his left and an assistant on his right, both of whose hats look peculiarly Russian. There appears to be snow on the ground and roof, so you can hardly blame them.

Here are the brothers more formally posed (Clyde again to George's left) with their more summery straw boaters.

George continued wearing a boater well into his middle age. Here he stiffly stands, all gussied up with his wife Jessie beside their house in Elm, Michigan.

But he also had a fedora, similarly pale. That's my father Nelson and his sister Margaret, circa 1930.

Here's George a few years earlier in what I daresay is a Homburg, brim conservatively curled. That's an interesting style of jacket my father is wearing along with his newsboy cap.

(George's father also favored fedoras, even while gardening. That's Nelson in the fetching sun dress and, er, Easter bonnet?

George also reverted to flat caps on occasion. Here he is in about 1919 with baby Nelson and his older sister Dorothy.

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