We have been travelling hither and yon this September...
Des Moines WA

Renton WA

Snoqualmie Pass WA

La Conner WA
Seattle WA

Edison WA


The Flaneur in Israel

Here's a selection of shots from a trip to Israel in May that I took with my son Nick. Most of the trip photos are at my "international" blog, but these ones especially fit the "eff-stop" aesthetic.

By the way, Nick is also a splendid photographer.

Akko, also known as Acre

Dead Sea


All Things Must Pass

"A sunrise doesn't last all morning." - George Harrison
Outside Winlock WA


The book vandal

Triaging my mom's storage unit, I came across an old high-school text book of my father's, circa 1935. He had added his own satiric and quintessentially sophomoric remarks to most of the illustrations of American History. Here are a few choice examples.