SoCal Scenes


Highland Park

South Pasadena

South Pasadena

Palm Springs


Palm Springs

Santa Monica

Salton City


Inside the illusion

We recently had a rare opportunity to visit backstage at ABC Studios in Los Angeles, where "General Hospital" and "Gray's Anatomy" are filmed. Cameras were discouraged but I managed a few haunted shots of Oz behind the scenes.


Set of "Grey + Sloan Memorial Hospital" in "Seattle"

Staff break under a photo of the studio in early days

Jail cell set, "General Hospital"

Back of a flat

Lobby set

"Gray's Anatomy" bedpans!

Homage to Luke and Laura

Here you go, world

Actor trailers


Monochrome SoCal

Griffith Park Observatory, Los Angeles

Other side of the tracks, Ventura

City Hall, Santa Barbara

Observation deck, Santa Barbara City Hall

Sunset, Ventura

Waiting for Harry Stiles, Greek Theater, Los Angeles

Cafe, Los Feliz, Los Angeles