Garage Doors: "Gates" and More "Gates"

Not so long ago, Newport Hills (and other neighborhoods as well) was farmland. We still have llamas and horses. But even if you don't have livestock, you can still make your house look like a ranch with the simple addition of a few decorations to the old garage.

This is about as simple a faux paddock gate as you could hope for.

This design indicates smaller beasts, I guess. Note the WeedEater.

A crypto peace sign is incorporated into this baby. Nice stump!

Double peace-sign, extended to faux half-timber to boot, for that Cotwolds feel. And one of the many Newport Hills house-flags.

The upper additions seem to make the "gate" more, er, stable. (Pun unintended!)

Just add a few diamonds, and voila, a unique "gift to the street."


  1. I absolutely love your garage door categories. I think you have a book in the makings!

  2. Thanks! yeah, I've been thinking along those lines meself...

  3. Very cool suburban typology. Presenting these in a grid format (a la Bernd and Hilla Becher) might be an interesting exercise!

  4. Yes, exactly, thanks for the comparison!