A few snaps from my dogwalk this morning to the local elementary school where I illegally let the beast off to chase ChuckIt balls through the bleached grass. Experimenting with my crappy cellphone camera, in a lame homage to Lora. It's a brand new school but ironically this part of the playground looks like a dead zone.

Stump of Mystery

Bench henge. If in fact they're meant to be benches. Never seen anyone sitting on them.

An erratic? Garden design? State of the art eco-playground?

Sewer pipe. Now that's what I call top notch playground equipment. Hey, it was good enough for me when I was growing up.

Koan: Is it the collar which is missing, or the cat?

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  1. Bench henge. Funny!

    Not to be too pedestrian here but it's probably one of twoL
    1. the school district got ripped off by hiring a lousy construction manager that didn't push the contractor to clean up the site
    2. the bids came in too high so they said, hey, let's just cut out the landscape