Wasted Space?

There's an attitude prevalent among some in our city that a park is not fulfilling its purpose if it's not stuffed with people (such as soccer players) at all times, and therefore we ought to install artificial turf playing fields to increase usage.

Our neighborhood, Newport Hills, has a single 4-acre park under this threat (under the guise of being an improvement). One of the many, many things the plan fails to take into account, not the least of which is the toxic qualities of the stuff, is that the elderly, the very young, the handicapped, and the large population of citizens who are not sports players not only do not benefit from an artificial turf field but are deprived of their grassy landscape which they can walk or roll around on, smell, and not least of all simply enjoy the restful nature of. Operative word, "nature."

The following are scenes of "fallow" parkland. Should they be ripped up because no one is currently there?


  1. Definitely not!!
    Paving over half a park with plastic turf is not good for the kids who play soccer, either. In summer they have to close synturf fields because they get too hot to play on, so where does that leave you?

  2. "Fallow parkland." Interesting concept. How about "fallow national parks" and "fallow bayou" and "fallow everglades"? And come to think of it, Mt. Rainier was looking ever-so-fallow this afternoon as it peeked from the clouds.