It Can't Happen Here

Does this look like a dangerous photo to you?

This just in from the Times Online. "Did you hear the one about the mother banned from taking a snapshot of her baby in the pool? Or the student prevented from photographing Tower Bridge at sunset? Be warned. The authorities now have the power to confiscate your camera — or even arrest you — for daring to take a picture in public."

So the next time I visit the UK, I should beware in a situation like this.

Or even this.

Fortunately there is a good deal of outcry.

Remixing the London police's anti-photographer terror posters

So can it happen here? There are certainly cases here where folks have gotten hauled in as terrorists (or pedophiles) for taking innocuous photos.

Oddly the US seems to have no problem with people carrying deadly weapons about in public, despite our Yankee penchant for actually using them, often and at random. Let's hope that spirit of lusty independence continues to carry over to the less deadly photojournalistic field as well.


  1. The last photo is the most threatening, I think that girl is a suicide bomber with a bomb strapped to he back. Report her I say! Haha.
    Clap that photographer in irons too I also say! Haha;)