Land of the Free

Evidence of residence in forgotten corners. The homeless aren't just holding begging signs at freeway offramps.

Shed in the woods with Old Glory, Newcastle

Sleeping under the stars near Lake Bellevue

Abandoned campsite with pink sandals, Renton


  1. There is an overpass here in atlanta with a colony of homeless living under it. They have couches, chairs, grills etc. railway tracks and a street in front, cars overhead.

  2. Oh Sean, these are heartbreaking and beautiful. Bak in my, uh, "previous" life, I recall listening to three woman next to me on the treadmill having a conversation:

    "I thought you moved to Seattle?"
    "We did, for a year, and moved back to the Eastside."
    "How come?"
    "They have homeless people there -- everywhere!"
    (Open-mouthed shock from the two listening woman.)

    I almost reached out and slapped all three of them.)