Memory and Music

This week's Thursday Theme (not to mention Sepia Saturday) involves Memory. While some will argue that smell is closely tied with memory, I maintain that music is just as strong a signifier of times past.

My father was born in 1918. He grew up with a piano in the house, one of the few luxuries his family could indulge in, and spent his childhood listening to the radio.  As an adult he seemingly had the following songs from his youth running through his head at all times, for he would burst into sentimental song at odd moments. These are all old 78 RPM recordings found on YouTube.


Far Above Cayuga's Waters (Cornell Alma Mater)


  1. My Dad was about the same age. He was always singing these old songs. He and my mother would often go out dancing as well when we were young. I almost wish I had known them when they were younger. They were probably a lot of fun to be around!

  2. You are right : memory is a room with many entrances, here on Sepia Saturday we are used to the entry marked "image" but "music" is just as valid as an entrance.