Sepia Antiquing

This week's Sepia Saturday porthole on the past features a collection of still lifes or dioramas from my recent trip through an "antiques mall" in Snohomish, Washington.

In all of these, but particularly the first, there's a distinct sense of the inhabitants having literally disappeared from the scene, leaving their inscrutable artifacts for us to infer meaning from.  It's worth (I think) enlarging each of these and perusing the details.

The lights left on but no one at home

Tchotchke diptych

Ikons of a quiet life

Lying in state

Left where Grampa dropped it

Meanwhile, in the shed...


  1. What a great collection. The next best thing to wandering around the place myself. The only problem is that I can't buy anything - which will be a blessing for my wife who seems to think I have enough "junk" as it is.

  2. I'm always a bit over-whelmed by the shear amount of disparate items in antique shops. You have given me a new way to shop, camera at the ready!

  3. the Toilet & The Blade Are Worryingly Close!

  4. I wonder if that is grandpa in the photoframe. Now where can I find a shop like that.

  5. What fabulous photos, I love wondering around places like this too.

  6. It looks more like a 'back to the 40s & 50s' museum than a junk shop to me. The political bumper stickers are funny, imagine driving around with a 'vote Hubert Humphrey' sticker next year...

  7. @Rob: Good idea...I still have a '68 Eugene McCarthy bumper sticker whose time has probably come around again. A couple of years ago there was a car driving around Seattle with a mint-condition Kennedy/Johnson sticker on it!

  8. I could so use that dollhouse furniture right now!