Sepia Burlesque

This week's Sepia Saturday theme inspires me to dredge up these items, which I found decades ago at an antique shop. They seemed so weird I had to buy them. Who were these women, and why were they posing thus?
Kittie Connors

Grace Sherwood as Robinson Crusoe (!?)
Another parasol pose

Jenny Joyce
Another stump pose

You can find a lot of these antique burlesque "cabinet cards" on the Web...

Here's a good article about "Newsboy" cabinet cards, with more photos...

Champagne Charlie and Pretty Jemima: Variety Theater in the Nineteenth Century, By Gillian M. Rodger, is a good source of info on such actresses.

And here's a poignant article from the Dawson (Alaska) Daily News, April 12, 1911:


  1. Oh yes, must love these ladies!

  2. Those fake trees are pretty awful, aren't they?

  3. Poor Jennie Joyce but even more pitiful were those husbands she seemed to wed and toss. Sad death for a high liver.

  4. The first line in the last paragraph is pretty funny: After years of marriages/divorces/lost jobs/moves, etc., a suicidal husband, and "Jenny Joyce met with hard luck after that."

  5. Jennie must have been outrageous in her day. I agree with Deb...what could be worse?

  6. I was enjoying these cards and then we came to the story about Jennie Joyce and I didn't know who to be sorry for; her or the husbands.