2018: Dribs and Drabstracts

End of the year once more, and here are a few odd ones out from 2018.
Parallelogram, Cannon Beach OR

Five Logs, Christiansen Nursery, Mt. Vernon WA

Loading Dock, Cottage Grove OR

Unilluminated, Cottage Grove

Final Frontier, Eugene OR

What Makes It Tick, LaConner WA

Lines, Pike Place Market, Seattle WA

Diptych, Bellevue WA

Three Nines, Renton WA

Nucleus, Rockaway OR

Burning of the Houses of Parliament, Juan Ferry, WA

Rorshach, Seaside OR

Landscape with Truck, Seattle WA

Veiled, Sky Nursery, Lynnwood WA

Evolution, Tacoma WA

To the Bone, Tacoma Maritime Museum, WA

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