The Scribbler

It's been quite awhile since I had a post synced to the weekly theme of Sepia Saturday, but this week's theme of Reading was an obvious tempter.

Some time back I posted a series based around the lost-and-found unpublished autobiography or "diary" that my maternal great-grandfather, David Blumenfeld, completed in 1920, when he was 65. As I am just about to hit that prestigious(?) age next month, it seems as good a time as any to add this post to the canon.

David B also was the writer of a double handful of unpublished potboiler novels and novellas in his spare time, when he was not haberdashering and tailoring. In fact, his wife (who was not literate in English) often scathingly referred to him as "The Scribbler."

But he also penned several books that actually saw the light of day. The following articles give some more information about them and him.


  1. So much history of our family you have brought to light. Sepia is fine. Thank you for all your diligence and effort.
    P.S. Taupe is my favorite color. I like accents of green, sometimes.

  2. How interesting to have an author in the family!

  3. The first book in this post must have provided you with invaluable family history information. Don't we all wish our ancestors, like yours, had left behind some written record to guide us!

  4. Wow - business must have been REALLY slow. Never did say what sort of business he was in that he had so much time on his hands to do so much writing? Interesting.