Garage Doors: Filigree

Often a garage door will sport a jaunty accent inserted in or around the larger pattern, a filigree-like bas-relief with a pattern all its own.

architecture, bellevue, garages, midcentury modern
Subtle but sort of unbalanced.

Nicely bookended.

These seem oddly kinetic. Sorry about the rain smear on the windshield!

These seem poised like horses at the starting gate.

Yow! Gone a bit overboard with the filigree. (Don't forget, you can click for an enlargement.)

That's better - scaled back a bit. It's actually more of a "shape within a shape" motif (stay tuned for a forthcoming post on that rich topic!).

In case you missed the recent "bullseye" post, this one also boasts (eensy!) filigree inserts.

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  1. Eff-ing amazing! You've done it again, Mr. Stop! You definitely have to click on these ones to get the full effect--is there a way to enlarge pre-post? BTW, I think the rain-smear is a nice effect.