Garage Doors: Bellevue is for Louvers

A rare but recurring leit motif is louvered inserts, evidently for ventilation (or fake and purely for decoration, I haven't gotten close enough to check!).

Nuttin' but louvers.

Louvers and "Laurel and Hardy" mismatched rectangles.

Louvers and one mondo rectangle.

Flashback to my "quadrilaterals" post: the asymmetrical louver!


  1. I love the curious winged insignia above the mondo rectangle with something underneath that almost looks like a mason's compass--Da Vinci code in Bellevue? I think you might have something there with "Bellevue is for Louvers". Great slogan for the civic-minded.

  2. Ah yes. I think that's one of those flag holders. Just wait till my Gratuitous Flags of Newport Hills post!!

  3. PS Thanks for the great idea, I just changed the post title to "Bellevue is for Louvers"!

  4. I have to say I love it when husbands and wives communicate via their blog comments. What is the world coming to?!!