A Day at the Fair

Dragged the kids to the annual Western Washington State Fair in Puyallup in a poignant attempt to re-enact my own childhood. The Fair has not changed a whit in the last half century, as far as I can tell. Despite overstimmed senses, a good time had by all -- except for boarding the wrong shuttle bus at the end of the day! The experience, as usual, included:

Tourists lugging giganto stuffed critters through the dairy barn.

Abundant rednecks with attendant redneck humor.

Gaudily decorated games of skill and chance. Mostly chance.

Prize-winning livestock (pictured) and obscenely large pumpkins.

Super-sweet colorful snacks made to your order.

Total exhaustion.

1 comment:

  1. Almost as much fun as the Puyallup--your photos of the Puyallup! I like how you zero in on the quieter side of a scene that can so quickly overwhelm the senses.