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Breaking News: I'm humbly touched to have been awarded the "Honest Scrap" award for this photoblog!

Honest Weblog Award Rules:
1. You must brag about the award.
2. You must include the name of the blogger who
bestowed the award on you and link back to
that blogger.
3. You must choose a minimum of seven blogs
that you find brilliant in content or design.
4. Show their names and links and leave a comment
informing them that they were prized with the
Honest Scrap Award.
5. List at least ten honest things about yourself.
6. Pass it on with the instructions!

Here's the comment that accompanied the notice:
"...brilliant recordings of the ordinary and the everyday in a place not usually associated with artistic inspiration: Bellevue, a suburb of Seattle, and specifically the neighborhood of Newport Hills. Full disclosure here: he's my husband and partner in the crime of committing to posterity loving observations of our neighborhood. He's also very good at photographing the world outside our neighborhood, as his other blog Eff-Stop (International) proves. In both design and content, his blogs expand the idea of community involvement through the artistic process with understated humor and originality."

Yes, full disclosure, ahem, the bestower was my Robin, the skipper of Red-Apple Elegy; but hey, she's got great taste, so I'm happy to pass this along, though it may take me some time to amass seven recipients.

The first deserving awardee who comes to mind is Lora of Oh, the Urbanity!, which documents via surprisingly pleasing mobile-phone photos the spectacular everydayness of Philadelphia with mordant but honest commentary.

One of her recent postings had a link to some great (and some over-the-top) photos depicting The Beauty of Urban Decay from Smashing Magazine.

That got me started on an afternoon of surfing, resulting in this list of sites you might want to peruse (not to forget my standard list of links on the right):

Ten Honest Things About Myself

  1. I think people should purr more and hiss less.
  2. I notice the aesthetics of symmetry but prefer the glory of asymmetry.
  3. I am easily distracted....uh, what?
  4. Offhand I'd rather be reading.
  5. I am constitionally doomed to not take seriously things that should be, and to take too seriously that which it would be better to let go.
  6. I root for the underdogs.
  7. I love the details.
  8. I get tired of sentences that start with "I."
  9. Pomposity bugs me.
  10. I don't like making "ten" lists.

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  1. Thank you so much! This is such a great surprise and totally made my day-after-Labor Day!