The Allure of Signage

The world is full of temptingly blank, if small, canvases.

Terry Avenue

Boat Street

And people must leave their signs.


  1. I"ve been meaning to amend that "degree" thing. When I originally did it, blogger left the word "comments" beside it. Then blogger advanced itself and it was dropped. I just added it back.

    Also, I don't get many comments on my photo blog except from the people who comment on almost all of my posts. I've considered taking comments off, but then I get comments like Robyn from Bismarck who started the Urbanity blog up there.

    And I've just about solved the spam comment problem(for now at least) by changing my comment settings from allowing everyone to allowing registered users. word verification and such never worked for me, but not allowing anonymous commenters has been amazing.
    It seems that you and I are running off different versions of blogger though. I say that because our comment boxes look a little different. so who knows if it works for everyone.

    Thanks for delurking on my "real" blog. I don't have links to there from the Urbanity blog, never did, though you can get to Urbanity from Fever. If I'm ever in mixed company and we all exchange blog addresses, I'm always more comfortable giving them the Urbanity url than the one where I spill my brain. Funny how I'm totally fine with the world reading it, but if it's someone who I have to sit across the table from, I get all squirmy.

    Also, I love these pics. While I'm not one who loves to see grafitti all over the place, I love to see it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Very interesting signs, your right people just got leave their mark.