A Photographer, Not a Terrorist

A new campaign for photographers' rights: mapping, reporting, and fighting back against restrictions on photography in the UK.

"Photography is under attack. Across [England] it that seems anyone with a camera is being targeted as a potential terrorist, whether amateur or professional, whether landscape, architectural, or street photographer.

Not only is it corrosive of press freedom, but creation of the collective visual history of our country is extinguished by anti-terrorist legislation designed to protect the heritage it prevents us recording.

This campaign is for everyone who values visual imagery, not just photographers.

We must work together now to stop this before photography becomes a part of history rather than a way of recording it."

It's not just happening in England.

Art Professor Sues over Detention While Photographing Power Lines

Top U.S. Photographer Arrested & Injured by Police for Photographing Santa Claus

AP Photographer Arrested Covering Anti-war Protest

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