Taking the Long View

Meditation on the nature of time after a trip to the Pacific...

Some images courtesy of www.CoverBrowser.com, hardcandyspace.ning.com, www.tyeliorn-bretagne.net. Decrepit pilings at Tokeland WA by SB, 2010.


  1. Hey I have that top book, as I read it in grade school. We are talking 60's. It was the first time I had read about any archeology and lost cities and I was hooked.

  2. Yep, I had it too, and it got lost along the way somewhere. I find it very intertesting that Silverberg's main forte is tme travel science fiction... looking way back and way forward.

  3. Ha! Before I scrolled down to the last picture, I said to myself -- hey! That looks like Mont St. Michel!