Theme Thursday: Bikes

I was happy to see this week's theme, as I have lots of this subject to choose from.

In the winter and spring of 2007 we were in Italy.
I'd been shooting bicycles for weeks. Bikes were everywhere -- many, very old-fashioned, tended to be ridden by humped crones in anachronistic black dresses with heavy stockings on their rebar-like legs, the day's groceries in the wicker basket in front.

Then I happened upon this amazing scene in Lucca, Tuscany. Click for more detail of this fresco!

Every town had its own lovely multiciolored and skeletal bikes leaning against all kinds of shops and ancient walls, or standing balanced precariously against low curbs.

Here is another of my favorites of this series, from Florence (Firenze). The plaque on the wall marks the high-water level from the 1966 flood.


  1. What I love is the way, in both photos, you crop the picture so that the bikes act as a kind of plinth to the main subject matter : and in its own way that plain wall and plaque is just as impressive as the fresco

  2. Thanks! Yes, I do love a good expressive wall, even if its expression is a tad blank!

  3. Oh.. I love these photos: yep! that's Italy alright....
    I responded to your comment on my blog, and you were right about my photo being from Italy! Bravo!