Theme Thursday: Reason


Said, Pull her up a bit will you, Mac, I want to unload there.
Said, Pull her up my rear end, first come first served.
Said, give her the gun, Bud, he needs a taste of his own bumper.
Then the usher came out and got into the act:

Said, Pull her up, pull her up a bit, we need this space, sir.
Said, For God's sake, is this still a free country or what?
You go back and take care of Gary Cooper's horse
And leave me handle my own car.

Saw them unloading the lame old lady,
Ducked out under the wheel and gave her an elbow.
Said, All you needed to do was just explain;
Reason, Reason is my middle name.

--Josephine Miles


  1. I do not know JOsephibe Miles. But in combination with the stencil, her verse makes for an interesting response to the prompt.

  2. interesting indeed...we can be pretty quick to attitude never taking the time to gain a bit of understanding when something is asked of us...nice tt!

  3. Josephine's got that right: better to ask than to assume, because that only makes an ASS out of U and ME...

  4. Yeah, just give me a reason for what you ask me to do - I'm not an unreasonable person when all is said and done. I'm with ya... liked your poem.