My father arrived in Seattle in the autumn of 1952, ready to start his teaching job at the U of Washington. Aside from his brief stint in California bootcamp, I don't think he had ever been outside his home state of Michigan. He had never had spaghetti, let alone see real mountains or saltwater. My mom has several of the postcards he sent her as he made the big move.

On Thursday September 18 he mailed a whole passel of postcards to her, to whet her appetite for the big move.

Parrington Hall was the building he was to teach most of his classes in, and his office was in a portable "annex" outside it amongst towering chestnuts.


  1. How wonderful that you still have these! And, although the postcards are lovely, the real thing is much more beautiful - especially when the sun is shining.

  2. Loved seeing these postcards but even better the nice and brief messages from your dad to your mom.
    Ladies of the grove

  3. The one of Rainier in the moonlight momentarily had me thinking Mt. Fuji. Nice mementos to have.

  4. My uncle was a big postcard writer. I have one he wrote when he was moving to California about that time and a bunch from his later vacations.

  5. Never had spaghetti? That's not because there wasn't spaghetti in michigan! love the messages on postcards from the past.