If it weren't for a couple of observant rugrats, I would have missed this tarnished gem in the forest.

In fact I have missed it, many a time; it's on the Shangri-La Trail, on Radar Peak, in the Cougar Mountain Wildland near my house, where periodically hike with Stella, our ChocoWeimaDor I (and other less furry members of the family).

This hunk o'steel is evidently a relic dating from the Cold War when there was an anti-aircraft base on the top of the mountain (really a high hill, overlooking Lake Washington toward Seattle).

I've Googled extensively trying to ascertain what kind of car this is/was, but the closest I can come is that cars around 19423 had the requisite amount and configuration of chrome. This one is missing all the identifying logos and insignia.

Elephants' Graveyard

Post-War Target Practice (since the Russians never made an appearance)

Frank Gehry's Dream (thanks to Robin for the idea)

Apres-Midi d'un Plymouth

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