Family Album

This week, some portraits of little-known ancestors.
Capt. Elver Aloysius Bently, school teacher, Pine Dell Butte ND

Cadwallader Bently, purveyor of fine whiskeys, Horsewhip MT

Emmelina ("Skunk") Bently, goat rancher, Faddle OR

Alistair Quinoa Bently, rustler, Corn Valley MO

Chester Walter Elder Bently, haberdasher, Rockhard AR

Deirdre P. Bently, antiques monger and inventor, Zumwalt MI

Dr. Randolph Bently, alienist, Wildbreath WY

Galbraith Bentle, pharmacist and saloon-keeper, Deadhead CO 

Chattanooga Jane Bently, hoarder, Saint Basmati WV 

Rev. Cornelius Bently, Shaker minister and cardsharp

Zumwalt Bently, livelihood unknown, Nutsville AL

The Woodrow Tallywhacker Bently family, threshers, Zoom KS

Note, these are all photos I took around Washington and Oregon in the last few years. Antiqued with Help from Arcsoft PhotoStudio 5.


  1. Jane's my favorite -- nothing like a good hoarder to liven up a family tree!

  2. Old abandoned buildings always look so sad and worn out. I know they're not real. Still, you can almost imagine them thinking about the 'old days' - happier days when they were full of life and love and all. Some sad, but really great photographs here!

  3. What stories these old places could tell.

  4. These are great photos, and I loved reading about the trades of all your ancestors. How far back did you go or are all of these about the same generation or so? Of course finding a rustler in the family must have been through hearsay, because I bet it wasn't written down anywhere!

    1. I just realized you also are a creative person, so perhaps these ancestors are your creations as much as the photos...

  5. Lovely character-filled buildings. Do you have photos of the inhabitants I wonder, and what on earth is an alienist?

  6. Just shows what you can achieve with some fabulous photographs to start with and an additional ingredient of a fine imagination. In the true meaning of the expression, I really did laugh out loud.