Sepia Airedale

Keying into this week's canine-themed Sepia Saturday, we feature my father's Airedale, Mike. Some of these photos have appeared in other posts, but since a good many of the stories we heard about the old homestead in Elm, Michigan, revolved around the exploits of Mike, it seems worthy to let him have his own entry.
Mike's baby picture, with young Nelson in a sailor suit circa 1920.
Mike looks considerably grown up, but Nelson's only aged a few years. Love the belted jacket, looks like he's off to church with sister Margaret.
One of the stories described Mike playing the part of dreaded "Moby Dick, the Sea Dog"while my dad and his sisters would clamber around in the apple tree, which was the Pequod.
Another couple of years and they added another dog. Pluto... I think Margaret's holding a little umbrella or perhaps a doll, but it looks more like a rubber chicken!
Mike is definitely a mature fellow by now. Is that a cookie on a saucer that Margaret is resting on his head?
Is it my imagination or is he wearing shoes?
Here is Mike with another addition to the family, Chingo, the black chow, and the eldest sister, Dorothy,
enjoying a little shade.

Reportedly Nelson recited poetry to Mike in quiet moments.
The whole menagerie, 15 years on...hanging out on The Marmon. 


  1. What wonderful names for dogs; I’ve never heard of another called Mike, but he looks a charmer.

  2. Airedales are one of my favourite dogs.

  3. Life is so good with my buddies! (From your last photo, so adorable) all of your photos are dog sweet!

  4. That first photo of Mike and Nelson is adorable; but all the pictures tell a lovely tale of a family and their beloved dogs.