Homage to "Hurricane" Friedlander

A study of hurricane (aka "chain-link") fencing, inspired by the "Sticks and Stones" collection of urban photos by Lee Friedlander...

The late, great Rainier Cold Storage building on Airport Way.

Somewhere in Bellevue: "No U Turn." You said it!

Roosevelt district, part of entire block of condemned buildings owned by our infamous ex-landlord Hugh Sisley.

Failed nursery, near Bel-Red Road. The "Private Property" sign seems to have failed as well.

"Emerald City": failed gas station, Bellevue.

Walling off the bike path in Seattle's Fremont district.

Bellevue's Eastside Catholic High, closed up for good.

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  1. I always look at the building and never the fence--what a way to open my eyes a bit further!