Garage Doors: Shapes Within Shapes

Sometimes a single shape or motif just ain't enough and you can embed shapes within shapes for added complexity.

architecture, bellevue, garages, midcentury modern
Here's a simple treatment of little squares inside a big square.

A handsome one: a circle inside a beveled rectangle inside a rectangle - and varnished!

Nearly filigree: nested and offset rectangles.

A circle inside a square.

Diamonds nested in a rectangle.

And squares nested inside a rectangle.


  1. this is one of those magical posts that you do that make me so incredibly calm that I wish you could bill my insurance!
    I love things that get smaller and smaller and smaller until there's nothing.

  2. I wish I could bill your insurance, too! ;-)
    Thanks so much for the Zen compliment.

  3. Oooh--can we call these infills?