Sitting on the Dock of the Loading Bay

As with many things, often the most interesting parts of our urban landscapes are those that are hidden from view to the casual passerby.

architecture, loading docks, northwest
I've always been intrigued by the proscenium that a loading dock creates. Always something mysterious going on inside, and/or a lot of curious equipment.
Crossroads Mall, Bellevue

And I enjoy the minimalist graphical elements of a family of doors...
Pacific Beach, WA

What with the battering from trucks and forklifts, as well as grafitti after-effects, you can get some nice weathering effects.

Most of the time the doors are closed.
Totem Lake, Kirkland WA

Typically the color palette is subdued in the back of a business, so this red is a striking highlight. The tree is a whimsical touch.
Kent, WA

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  1. And, it has to be said, the tree is the only bit of green in an otherwise completely utilitarian environment.