An interlude at the spawning ground of the peamouth minnow, at Mercer Slough.

Hundreds of foot-long striped fish swirled in the current, thrashing in the shallows, twining about each other and springing from the shadowed water. Despite the overall positive and procreative nature of the event (Happy Mother's Day) I couldn't help but be reminded slightly of some of the frenzied scenes in Bosch's darker works.

Light in the culvert.

Love the texture of the water and and patterns of light, constantly perturbed by the minnows.

The flume of the fish ladder: the glide and the riffle.

The fish seeming to form directly from light...

A buttress of the culvert, mimicking with its scree of rocks the trunk and canopy of a strange tree.


  1. Great pictures. Reminds me of the Ballard Locks in Seattle. Similar type of tour, if you ever go there.

    my entry http://zongrik.wordpress.com/2011/10/05/when-men-are-like-children/

  2. nice captures...we see fish like this at the lake at times...the preturbed water is fascinating..

  3. Cool photos of fish. Sometimes when we would go to the lake in Vegas, we would feed the carp and at first there were a few, then before you would blink, the frenzy would start. Carp everywhere trying to get their bite of food.

    Thanks for joining in on Theme Thursday.

    God bless.