Westport Child (Slight Return)

Nocturne, Westport WA

Ha - that one jolted you, didn't it! Relax, you didn't hit the wrong blog and I haven't temporarily lost my mind.

So, as you might deduce, I revisited the coast last weekend. I have to grudgingly admit that a flock o' brown pelicans soaring against a raging Pacific sunset is awesome and beautiful (global warming notwithstanding...there were never pelicans this far north when I was growing up).

However, when I could tear my eyes away from the glories of nature, I was still attracted by the following.

Behind the gift shop, Grayland WA
The shop itself was a wonderful warren of rooms in an ancient house (or two cobbled together?), filled disquietingly - for me, if not my daughter, wife, and mother - with very girly stuff and new-age music. Nice chocolate truffles, though!

Behind the cannery, Westport
Someone must have been thinking for the past fifty years that this might be a good refurbishment project next weekend. Oh well. All the better for the flaneur.

False front, Graham WA
One of a collection of rustic buildings apparently ready for renovation towards a future tourist trap. Or a cleverly disguised meth lab.

Signage, Graham
Local subtleties of anti-vandalism (or anti-meth-lab-discovery).

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  1. Another fascinating glimpse of the usually unseen or avoided. Shots one and two are favourite, although I did love the sign.