Theme Thursday: Pinque

Never one of my favorite colors -- unless heavily balanced with matte black, pink cannot help but keep me in mind of those abominable Barbie dolls -- this week's theme is slightly more palatable, if you will, as the subject of this photo. In recent years cotton candy (aka candy floss) has branched out into pastel blue and white, but those tints seem like impostors to me.

This shot was taken last fall at the annual Western Washington State Fair (aka "The Puyallup," for the town it is held in, an otherwise rather personality-free rural burg). This is one job I have never had, which I might have deemed rather romantic as a teenager but now clearly recognize as a nightmare. Remind me to tell you about my gig at the crab processing plant. But I digress.

Here's another shot from the same day, at the taffy booth. These empinked gals more accurately reflect the workaday vibe, I think.

However, the proof is in the, er, pudding.


  1. cotton candy...yum. make me think o the fair...

  2. Great job! Happy TT! I love me some pink but not in Barbie. Eek.

  3. Pink's not a fave of mine, either. I haven't had cotton candy in years!

  4. sticky and sweet...
    fun and cute pink take her.

  5. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/05/06/theme-thursday-think-pink-thoughts/

    mine is here,
    thank you for looking at it.

  6. I love cotton candy (Yeah, I know...). And it's supposed to be pink! What's up with all these other, more modern colors of cotton candy? That's just wrong.

    My post for Pink, close to my heart, is up here.