To the Lighthouse (Pt. 1)

Visited the historical lighthouse in Westport, built around World War I. The tallest on the West Coast, it is still functional and guides ships into Grays Harbor (no apostrophe!).

They have tours, and even allow cameras, which, given the current terrorist phobia is a happy surprise.

Ironically this view up the shaft reminds me of looking deep into someone's eye. It's a long, steep climb, but not as bad as York Minster, which nearly killed me last year.

The original kerosene lamp, its massive lens contained by this ornate cast-iron grillwork, had to be adjusted by regulating airflow -- opening and closing vents in the walls. There was no electricity in the building, so the only light at night came from the lamp itself. These holes in the ceiling allowed you to ascertain whether the lamp was "trimmed" properly.

An additional vent at the top of the dome, with struts supporting the roof.

Stay tuned for shots of the lens itself...

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