To the Lighthouse (Pt. 2)

Our guide, long retired from the Coast Guard, introduced us to the actual beacon of the Westport lighthouse. If we were hoping for an impressive view from the glass cupola, we were surprised to find semitransparent dark green curtains around the inner circumference of the chamber. It was there during daylight hours, he said, so that sunlight refracting through the massive prism did not start a forest fire. Shades of Archimedes!

Here's a glimpse in through the prism. I love the aquarium feel of those mysterious shapes within the depths.

Here's an "upskirt" shot of the lens mounted in its cast-iron zarf (details, Pt. 1).

A glimpse of the bulb itself. I can't recall exactly but it has something like a twenty-mile night-time visibility. Here you can see the texture of the curtains in the background.

However, believe it or not, lighthouse bulbs are not ginormous.