Welcome to Eff-Stop Local!

Welcome, I say to this close-to-home offshoot of my international travel photoblog, The Eff-Stop.

Nuff said, make of it what you will. Here's the first thrilling episode: Mailboxes of Lake Heights/Newport Hills.

A more or less standard mailbox hut, with cubbies below for newspapers or oversize pieces. Note the (slightly paranoid) locked mailbox style. The shingled roof is almost pagoda-like. Are those mailbox eggs underneath?

Older style, a bit mossy, gimpy and swaybacked. Note the typical festive flyer for yardwork.

Looks like this one's roof has gone fishing. Note the creepy ivy-swathed person on the left wearing a pork-pie hat - oh wait, it's just a driveway light.

To go with the la-di-dah arch, this aloof mailbox seems to say "I'm special.".

"I'm special too but I have my own roof, so there."

The double-decker.

This old geezer needs a crutch.

This guy just has to be a little bit different. Note the petrified squirrel and his strange little lawns, and then check out the pagoda jst behind him, the lion in the background ...

Fun with fonts! What's up with the empty space on the right - expecting more houses to be built? Room for a squirrel feeder?

Rather natty - and regimented, to go along with the flags, I guess.

Something quaintly Marin County Seventies about this lettering.

In comparison to the highly architected mailbox "houses," there's something almost hillbilly about this minimal installation.

One word - planters! The lefthand one has especially lush foliage.

This one seems to be wearing socks and a sweatband.

But this footgear seems to say "Sleep with the fishes, Ricco, ya little runt!" Flat-roof style.

This one has an udder. And the guy on the left must get a LOT of mail.