Rain Catcher

Last fall we saw work beginning on the centerpiece of Newport Hills' city-funded street beautification art project from Orcas Island artist Bruce Myers -- "Rain Catcher."  

This week, Bruce installed the long-awaited sculpture. The previous steps had been the placement of the large stones, and then the installation of the concrete base. Friday morning, the scaffolding went up.  

Bruce brought down the three steel trunks, studded with leaves of several types, from his Orcas Island studio.

Wouldn't want that scaffolding to tip over.

Pastor "Bug" and his daughter, plus Scott MacDonald (left) from the City,  helped offload the pieces.

Bruce and his assistant positioned the first piece...

...and hoisted it up...

...and secured it onto the base.

Unfortunately I had to take off at that point for my job, but upon my return that evening, the piece was complete!

Looking good from any angle.

This anchor point complements the pieces already in place around the bus stops.

The final step in the art project is to complete the mosaics that will adorn some of the stones.
Here's what they looked like in their initial state last October.



Mason bee houses, Mercer Slough, Bellevue WA

Family Reunion in the Orchard

On a beautiful summer day at Orchard Gardens long ago, and members of the family gathered for a picnic.
Great-uncle Albemarle always drooled just a bit 

Aunt Hattie, ever surprised at life

Cousin Philemon the mouth-breather

Grannie Cadwallader's breath left much to be desired

A bit of lunch always managed to remain between Cousin Imelda's teeth

Grampa Obediah didn't have that problem, as his teeth had gone long ago.

Cousin Adlai was typically the only one who found his jokes funny.

Aunt Myrtle could not be dissuaded from singing the national anthem on any occasion.

A lucky shot, Cousin Ledbetter caught mid-sneeze