These Eyes

Oh Canada.

Spent an afternoon in Vancouver, at the Anthropology Museum and Granville Island.


Burned Out

A bit overt perhaps but it certainly caught my eye. Preston, Washington.


Sepia Lighthouse

This week's Sepia Saturday theme peripherally involves a lighthouse on an antique postcard... and I just happen to have a fitting entry in my collection, sent to my paternal grandmother seven years before my father was born.

Family historian though I am, I have no idea who cousin Camilla was. She must have been related to Jessie Bentley's relatives on the Daniels or Orr sides.

This park, and specifically the presumably decorative lighthouse, prove to have been popular postcard fodder.  Here's a bit more information about the park from another card...

And lastly, from Ebay, here's another copy of the card at the top of this page, sent a few years later to a Miss Vanderhoff at the Shredded Wheat Company in Niagara Falls!