Earth Day Newcastle, WA

A day in the park with some ostensibly green folks.

Scrappy teens

Time out to text at the bamboo clothing booth

Easter Bunny escorts

Waiting for custom at the henna hut

All prepped for hungering hordes

Antique farm equipment display


Sepia Martian Puzzler

I probably read too much science fiction. Be that as it may, I find myself quite often wondering what an errant Martian would make of our hijinks here on Earth.

Case in point, as Rod Serling would say, this photo. A select audience (you know who you are) will know exactly what to make of this, to say nothing of recognizing the subjects. The rest of you Martians, good luck.


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Tele Visions

In the 1980s I sort of weirdly inherited an old color TV from my grandmother's cousin. Aside from finally enjoying my own color TV at the advanced age of 30 or so, I enjoyed playing with the color, brightness, and contrast controls: something that is a lot harder to do nowadays digitally. And then with my old Pentax I could effect multiple exposures by rewinding. Here are a few hypersurreal images that resulted.



Infinite image

Virtual wilderness







Strata: Mossy Hieroglyphics

Had to jump out of the car and creep along the side of the busy road to get this wonderful barn roof just outside of Duvall, Washington.


Patchwork, Weller and Seventh

Twilight meanderings in Chinatown brought me to this old shopfront.

Sepia Saturday: The Coast

An iconic shot from my past - what is not clear from this photo is that the crashing waves of the Pacific as they surge into Grays Harbor, Washington, are just on the other side of those boulders that my father so blithely is perching on.

Having grown up on a Michigan farm, he developed a passion for the sea when he moved to Seattle. He developed a habit of writing his poetry in sight of large bodies of water.

I inherited this habit and honed it to perfection in my teens when I would drive to the beach at night and slouch there, pen in hand staring out through the fading light. This odd behavior at least once provoked a cop to rap on the window and see if I was all right.

However as you can see in this photo I am not amused by being held above the breakers, which I might never have seen before (I look to be about two yeas old).



A bit late for Theme Thursday this week, but here is a case of pure camera fun.

Piper and I discover the bedroom mirror is warped.

I start to get a swelled head.

Hey, this is amusing.

Whoa, how about that!

But seriously...

Demonic glee ensues.


Sepia Saturday: Poets Letting Loose

Back in the Seventies my folks used to host the occasional Halloween costume party for my father's poetry students. Here are some shots from a couple of them. See if you can spot me. We are all slightly sloshed on mulled wine. What a bunch of hippies!

In this picture: The Wine-Dark Sea, Marianne Moore, Edna St. Vincent Millay

In this picture: Betsy Ross, Emily Dickinson, and um...

In this photo: Lenny E. Beast and Betsy Nealen

In this picture: Walt Whitman, T. S. Eliot

In this picture: Dylan Thomas and "Fern Hill"

In this picture: Edgar Allan Poe, Jeremiah, Hester Prynne, Robert & Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Omar Khayyam, Henry W. Longfellow, Euripedes

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