The Flaneur in Israel

Here's a selection of shots from a trip to Israel in May that I took with my son Nick. Most of the trip photos are at my "international" blog, but these ones especially fit the "eff-stop" aesthetic.

By the way, Nick is also a splendid photographer.

Akko, also known as Acre

Dead Sea


All Things Must Pass

"A sunrise doesn't last all morning." - George Harrison
Outside Winlock WA


The book vandal

Triaging my mom's storage unit, I came across an old high-school text book of my father's, circa 1935. He had added his own satiric and quintessentially sophomoric remarks to most of the illustrations of American History. Here are a few choice examples.


Down by the riverside

Captured these as we looped down to Oregon at the end of July, weaving along the back highways following the tail end of the Columbia River.
Ilwaco, WA
Not much going on in this old fishing port on at the mouth of the river, but they do make an effort keeping Main Street colorful and "vintage"!

Bar, Scappoose, OR
Rhymes with "papoose."

Auto shop, Scappoose, OR
Scappoose is a surprisingly thriving strip along Highway 6. This building looks like it's been through a few bar fights.

Scappoose, OR
Even the front door is slightly gimpy.

St. Helens, OR
Time remains frozen on the banks of the Columbia. Except they do show 3-D films.

St. Helens, OR
I don't know about Robert Frost, but I do like a good wall.

Westport, OR
Green patch of mystery in another wonky door.

Westport, OR

Westport, OR
Signage galore...keeping the past alive.

St. Johns, Portland OR
A wonderful north-end riverside neighborhood.

St. Johns, Portland OR
A hot morning, good for manly shorts and tank tops.

St. Johns, Portland OR
The Western Well, not to be confused with the Western Wall.

St. Johns, Portland OR
Our family had this car, or "as close as dammit," in the '50s. My father dubbed it "Uncle Wiggily."