Red Zone

A thousand times no.

Carrowholly Distances

Speaking of big rambunctious weather, here are some vistas from our (summer) trip to the west coast of Ireland, where it's unsettled autumn all year round. Ireland, you ask? You thought this was Eff-Stop LOCAL? Well, it was local at the time!

Sunset thunderheads over the flats

The diurnal ebb

A seaweed sky

The isthmus-girded farm

Fog-shrouded Croagh Patrick



Florence, Oregon

Pacific Beach, Washington

Vancouver, Washington

Beautiful Newport Hills, Washington


Might as Well Be Monochrome

As summer crashes and burns, the fog sets in, the overcast returns, the light grows paler, and even shooting in color results in black and white. And soon I begin to see in monochrome as well.

Everett, WA

Ja Jolla, CA

San Diego, CA

Bellevue, WA


Double Doors of Perception

Picasso's famous words "I paint what I see"...
Here's what the world looks like when I remove my glasses.


The Odd Ones

Shuttered Bellevue Goodyear shop

Shuttered Copalis elementary school

Backstage at the Newcastle Safeway


Framing: A Derelict Diptych

Pouring bloody rain, I'm not going out to shoot today either.
Here's a not-so-recent glimpse of rural Washington.


Oregon Archive

Due to miserable weather I have not been out shooting, so here are a few nuggets from the crypt.




Along the Reedsport Highway


Spreading the Garage Love

Apologies for the radio silence.

I've created a selection of my Eff-Stop garage shots on Flickr for those viewers who prefer that venue. There are a bevy of other mid-mod garage-door connoisseurs huddling there as well. Here's a beauty from MidCent Keith: Enjoy!


Garage Doors: Harvest Festival

A bounteous, er, bounty of garage patterns this week, in honor of crisp fall days and farmers' markets.

A tart trio of Cubist pear-shapes

Some freshly pre-cored rectangles (click for detail)

Filigree still in the pods

A fancy Asian hybrid

Heirloom Southwest condiment


And a Duct Runs Through It

What the tourist guides don't show you, backstage at the Pike Place Market.

Pike Place Planes

I have always loved the Market. I have dreams about the place, with its myriad passageways, stairways, nooks, and portals.

Alas, it's sometimes hard to take good resolution photos there because the light levels are low, and I hate flash. So contrary to my usual anti-'Shop inclinations, I experimented with making these less "resolved" (like my dreams...and it also approximates what the world looks like without my specs). Robin says I'm turning into a painter.

For full impressionistic effect I recommend clicking for blowups.

P.S. This is my 101st post, whoopie!