Garage Doors: Chevrons

Alluded to in my last garage post, chevrons are the final common design component. Most of them are subtle variations on this one - the closer the chevrons, the more they morph into an X:

Then there are occasional "sports" such as the following:

The multiple chevron.

French quotation-mark style (coupled with horizontal bars for that "fill in the blank" effect...

...which with a bit of manipulation can become a diamond!

The iconoclastic vertical chevron.



Stella at large...

Lake Cleowox, Oregon

Lake Sammammish, Washington

Ashland, Oregon


Garage Doors: X Meets Frankenstein

Now we have a palette of basic shapes to work with, let's mix and match!

It might start out as a simple X motif...

...but by clever positioning you subliminally add, say, a diamond...

...or a chevron or two...

...or a rectangle or two...

...or some squares and more diamonds...

...or what the hell, a mess of bars, rectangles, and fancy windows...and look out.


Garage Doors: "Gates" and More "Gates"

Not so long ago, Newport Hills (and other neighborhoods as well) was farmland. We still have llamas and horses. But even if you don't have livestock, you can still make your house look like a ranch with the simple addition of a few decorations to the old garage.

This is about as simple a faux paddock gate as you could hope for.

This design indicates smaller beasts, I guess. Note the WeedEater.

A crypto peace sign is incorporated into this baby. Nice stump!

Double peace-sign, extended to faux half-timber to boot, for that Cotwolds feel. And one of the many Newport Hills house-flags.

The upper additions seem to make the "gate" more, er, stable. (Pun unintended!)

Just add a few diamonds, and voila, a unique "gift to the street."


Garages Defying Description

Certain bold residents chose to go beyond simple quadrilateral designs for their garage doors.

Reminiscent of the Chevrolet logo or a Navajo rug, but ...why?

Elegant but somewhat bizarre. Or is it a portrait of an angry cross-eyed bug?

Schematic... the Olympics viewed from Shilshole beach?

Whoa, inarguably figurative! Love the add-on butterflies.

My all-time favorite: false perspective, or abstract mountains?


Garage Doors: The Art of the Line

The single austere bar. Looks a bit like sleepy eyes.

More is better.

A little jazzier.

OK, now we're just getting a little nutty.

Oho - are we adding a rectangle to a line, or a line to a rectangle ? This one also looks like a face.


Garage Doors: An Excess of Xs

X marks the spot where you hide the car.

The double-cross.

The triple-cross (when you have a lot of cars).

No mistaking this big fat X.

OK, I think we get the point.


Stars of the Garage World

Am I a star or asterisk? You be the judge.

I am a Bethlehem style star.

I am a rectangular star.

I am a diamond star.

We are conjoined-twin rectangle stars.

I have an identity crisis... am I a constellation or just a bunch of linked rectangles?