Meadowlark Meadows, OR

Took a break today from "stay in place" to walk the Meadowlark Meadows trail in west Eugene. It was alive with birds.

Song sparrow

Great blue heron

Prairie hawk

Greater yellowlegs


Green -winged teal

Great egret


Red-winged blackbird

Canada geese and Semipalmated sandpipers


Snapping the wild brew

Apologies for the dearth of posts recently. I've been snapping a few cellphone shots -- often of the watering hole of the moment -- as I ricochet around the West Coast, in the company of my wife and occasionally my son.

Scappoose WA

Eugene OR

Sun River OR

Spokane WA

Eugene OR

Gig Harbor WA

Bellevue WA

Ridgefield WA

Eugene OR

Kalama WA

Eugene OR

Florence OR

Huntington Gardens, Pasadena CA