Sepia Saturday: Hey Sailor

Diving once again into my box of paternal snapshots, with this week's Sepia Saturday prompt in mind...which encompasses sailor suits, among other things. My father might have worn this when playing with his younger sister Margaret and Airedale Mike, "The Sea-Dog," while perched in the "poop-deck" of an elm branch.

I' can't quite make out what the kids are holding...is it paper hearts for Valentine's Day?

Here he's forsaken the "dress whites" for the "swabbie" look.

Before his nautical career my father apparently aimed at being the engineer of a steam train.

Or a young Babe Ruth.
However, he ended up as an English professsor, and whatever his outfit was, you usually couldn't see it.


Everett Walkabout

An impromptu afternoon exploring the byways of Everett, Washington.

Behind the parking lot

Back alley squares


Cameras in use

Alley diptych

The Equator