The Collector

Discovered a dreamlike warren of an antiques store in Issaquah. In the front yard, among the rusty old farm implements, statuary, and whirligigs were many deer, elk, and even moose antlers, but also several of these Georgia O'Keefe numbers.


Interior Monologues

Scene 1: The drugstore

Scene 2: The video store

Scene 3: The cleaners

Scene 4: The bank


The Price of Baloney in Egypt

I'm not sure what relevance the American flag has vis-a-vis selling stuff.

But it certainly is no guarantee of successful entrepreurship.

Just who were you trying to impress?


Ghostly Town

We took an impromptu mini-vacation last weekend, looping through eastern Washington. Easton is an old railstop on the far side of the Cascades. There's not much left alive there as far as I can see except for one rather forlorn tavern.


The Hylebos Test

A calm morning in Tacoma.

Which reminds me of...

From dsc.discovery.com

not to mention...

From www.psywww.com

No, that's not Brad Pitt.

Bright Lights, Small Hood

A flurry of excitement in our obscure neighborhood as a film crew shows up for a one-day shoot at the local Chinese restaurant.

Well, actually not all that exciting, as it seems to involve a lot of hanging around on the part of the crew.

Meanwhile, the extras sit glumly in the "TALENT HOLDING", which as modest as it is, is still the most action the deserted old Red Apple grocery has seen in a year.

And in the rear parking lot, mysterious rustling observed inside the wardrobe trucks...

Had enough? No? I have a couple other shots over on Red Apple Elegy, along with the usual succulent red-apple prose.


Seriously UK

Not so local, but in the same vein...

Looking over a bridge at Bolton Priory, Yorkshire

Literally lost, at the junction of two footpaths near Eye, Norfolk

Low tide at Carrowholly, Ireland