Garage Doors: Newport Hills Squares

No reflection on the homeowners. Turn a diamond on its side, and voila - squares! Stacks of 'em.


Still Lifes

Peope obligingly leave these arrangements lying around...

Beautiful Newport Hills

Pacific Beach, Washington

Ashland, Oregon

More Diamonds!

The inhabitants of these garages are loitering without.


A Wall A Door A Window

The basic components.

Almost like a Fibonacci series: the anti-grafitti'd plywood board a composition within a composition.
[Pioneer Square, Seattle]

The still ethereal blue of a weathered portal.
[Port Townsend, WA]

A study in color, texture, and medium.
[Fremont, Seattle]

Exposed: the evolution of a structure.
[Fremont, Seattle]


How I spent Saturday afternoon

I visited the local pool for my daughter's twelfth birthday.

A far cry from my own a few years back, which was themed to "The Man from UNCLE."

Anyway I've always found the pool environs rather photogenic.

Alternately placid and chaotic.


Trees and Just After

I do not know which to prefer,
The beauty of inflections
Or the beauty of innuendos,
The blackbird whistling
Or just after.
- Wallace Stevens


Graffiti Art Wars

Some people consider graffiti to be art and some think it's vandalism. Typically property owners paint over graffiti. Some people consider that censorship. But it's just another kind of art.


Some Enchanted Pavement

What can I say, I was exposed early to Mondrian, Klee, et. al. Here are a few patterns that have caught my eye while walking.

Non Leakable (Eugene OR)

Corner (Pt. Townsend WA)

Tracks (Fremont, Seattle WA)

Worksite (Fremont, Seattle)

Steel Plates (Seattle)