Sepia Grandma

Here's another post about my grandmother, born 1897 in South St. Paul.

Helen, circled, around age 13, in 8th grade.

Early teens, looking very studious.

Helen and her sweetie the raffish Arthur. Looks like he's robbing the cradle, doesn't it! But she looks pretty chuffed about it. Love that collar!

Girls gone wild, age 19 or 20.

Lah di dah! Helen looking very grown up indeed. I'm not sure of the year, but she looks younger than in the following shot, so perhaps it's her high school grad picture?

Married, methinks around 1919.


Blue Collar Trompe l'Oeil

Mural with overhead wiring - Everett, Washington

"Massage and More," eh? This is the town that kicked off the bikini-barista scandals.


Signage (Theme Thursday)

What kind of pickup would Moses drive?

Spotted on I-5 on the bleak stretch between Kalama and Tumwater WA.


Venetian Blind

Just a plug that I'm rekindling my other Eff-Stop page with the first of a series of European shots. This one's from Venice (Italy, not California).


Sepia Saturday Salome

Thought it would be a fun variation on the usual fodder if I joined the Sepia Saturday webring.

Hence: this is my maternal grandmother Helen around age 13, in a Salome costume for a school drama circa 1910.

Helen's artistic side did not, unfortunately, come to fruition except as an amateur seamstress. In the last year or two, her story has been considerably enlightened by way of my discovery of my great-grandfather's diary (Helen's father David). This tells his story from birth (1863), his immigration to the US in 1884, on up through 1920, by which time he was a successful businessman in Minneapolis.

Here's Helen a few years later, affecting a liberated attitude.

And still later after she'd had three children. That's my mom looking dubious on Helen's back.


Old Glory

What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?

Soil netting, Cougar Mountain Wildlife Area


Stumping Towards Newcastle

Took a short walk on the Coal Creek trail near our house today. World o' moss. Long-ago-chopped oldgrowth serving as nurse logs. A smorgasboord of fungi. Oddly, no slugs.
Click for enhanced, er, grain.

At the fork

The Watcher







It Can't Happen Here

Does this look like a dangerous photo to you?

This just in from the Times Online. "Did you hear the one about the mother banned from taking a snapshot of her baby in the pool? Or the student prevented from photographing Tower Bridge at sunset? Be warned. The authorities now have the power to confiscate your camera — or even arrest you — for daring to take a picture in public."

So the next time I visit the UK, I should beware in a situation like this.

Or even this.

Fortunately there is a good deal of outcry.

Remixing the London police's anti-photographer terror posters

So can it happen here? There are certainly cases here where folks have gotten hauled in as terrorists (or pedophiles) for taking innocuous photos.

Oddly the US seems to have no problem with people carrying deadly weapons about in public, despite our Yankee penchant for actually using them, often and at random. Let's hope that spirit of lusty independence continues to carry over to the less deadly photojournalistic field as well.


The Outskirts

To the North: Stanwood WA

To the West: Seattle WA

To the South: Auburn WA

To the East: Snoqualmie WA