Constellation of Leaves

The exploded view

"Live in a perpetual great astonishment."
- Roethke

A leaf falls: countless
attitudes between its branch
and earth. Earth is changed
wholly in this transaction.
I feed on this, I live.


Oregon Colors

The gray time of year. Nonetheless some colors still pop.





Centralia Tableaux

Scenes from a Thanksgiving trip...

Bright Lights, Big City

The Neighbors

Valley of the Dolls

Remembrance of Things Past


Beyond a reasonable doubt

It is a dream in which it is
a dream in which
you are about to be
placed on the wrist
of a stranger about
to place icecream on his wrist

Around you your sisters fall
they are red or around
you hailstones strain
like waterbirds attempting
flight from float

or they are redder
or ink blue you
reach for one
a red one or ink blue
it settles on your
index your white index

Their mouths are sealed
your sisters

with the weight
of sky behind it
it bores right through

The ink blue sky
the fact
the reason
the distance



Ready for the wrecking ball or gentrification: old mills of Minneapolis.


Honest scraps

Not exactly local, but here's a favorite of mine from Perugia, Italy, 2007.

I include it here because I found in the Minneapolis Walker Art Gallery today Raymond Haims (1926-2005), who had a pieces found art made up of sheet metal covered with layers of poster, similar to this one:

The art of entropy!

Brick: Minneapolis Tableaux

The icing to a long weekend in the Twin Cities for a family reunion: wandering the Minneapolis "warehouse district." Thanks to cousin Fred for the Nikon, since I forgot to pack my Canon!

The Parking Hut

The Garage

The Shirt

The Chairs


The Village Gray

What with the imminent demise of the one grassy park in our neighborhood, it's clear that the "village green" as a public gathering space is being phased out in favor of the "village gray."

Thanks to Red Apple Elegy for the photo! Please visit that site for more info about the threat of artificial turf and the rest of the Newport Hills Park debacle.


Wasted Space?

There's an attitude prevalent among some in our city that a park is not fulfilling its purpose if it's not stuffed with people (such as soccer players) at all times, and therefore we ought to install artificial turf playing fields to increase usage.

Our neighborhood, Newport Hills, has a single 4-acre park under this threat (under the guise of being an improvement). One of the many, many things the plan fails to take into account, not the least of which is the toxic qualities of the stuff, is that the elderly, the very young, the handicapped, and the large population of citizens who are not sports players not only do not benefit from an artificial turf field but are deprived of their grassy landscape which they can walk or roll around on, smell, and not least of all simply enjoy the restful nature of. Operative word, "nature."

The following are scenes of "fallow" parkland. Should they be ripped up because no one is currently there?



A rare sighting at Lake Union. I love the mosaic quality of the disturbed water as well as the colors of the duck.


Inside Outside

The traveling "Bodies" show is in Seattle. Meanwhile, an old Renton storefront has been removed from between two others, revealing the building's bones and organs.