Garage Doors: The Diamond Mine

garage doors, midcentury modern, architecture, northwest
Most diamond designs are horizontal rather than this peppy vertical style. Reminiscent of a Lava Lamp, the diamonds increasing in size as they float to the top...

Three-interlocking-diamond designs abound, not so much two-diamond. Venn-diagram style with a third diamond spawned in the middle.

Cute, compact matching diamonds.

One subtle, asymmetrical, diamond with decorative bars.

One bold diamond hovering above a very unusual triangular bed.

One of a kind: a diamond with triangle petals! I had to wait weeks for this homeowner to move his RV out of the way.


Garage Doors: Let's Be L7

Who you calling a square?

garage doors, midcentury modern, architecture, northwest
These little guys are subtle puppies. You might have to click to enlarge this picture for a good glimpse of the quarry.

Much the same except they're crawling up the side of the door rather than scuttling along the bottom. (Go Air America!)

I like this square-within-a-square motif. Bold, and yet...

You might do a double-take and take this for a star at first, but of course it's "four-square."

No mistaking this one -- solid, Jack!



What with the relentless criminalizing of fireworks in the county, I had to go far afield to find this week's subject. Greetings from the Muckleshoot Rez.

fireworks, explosions, pyromania
Indigenous, purpose-built architecture and the cool signage, check.

Festive carnival amosphere, check.

Danger, check.

Shock and awe, check.


Quadruple Negative

Totem Lake, Kirkland, WA

Magnuson Park, Seattle

Port Townsend, WA

Beneath Boren Ave., Seattle


Garage Doors: Vertical Bars

Some neighborhoods need bars on the windows. Ours has bars on the garages.

garage doors, midcentury modern, architecture, northwest
The portcullis look.

Homely but indisputable.

These bars ain't gonna keep them horses in.

Reminiscent of dripping paint.

Barely bars...they're floating!

Bar minimalisme.

One big bar, or two rectangles?