Amish daytrip

At the beach below Heceta Head lighthouse on the Oregon coast, a rare sight: a busload of Amish folks.


Visions of Academe

Here are a handful of great old-fashioned postcards that my father Nelson sent to my mother Beth (before they were married) and to his dad George, from Seattle to Michigan. They show the University of Washington campus and environs. He'd just gotten a teaching job there (1952) and seems to have already fallen in love with the place.

 He sent this first card to both Beth and George, upon arrival. This aerial shot is looking west from above Lake Washington, with Puget Sound and Bainbridge Island in the background.
The following shot looks east across Lake Washington toward the then new
(almost invisible among the trees) city of Bellevue.

The lawns shown below between the Suzallo Library and Administration Building were replaced in the 1970s by brick, hence the nickname of Red Square.

The last two he never sent. The first looks north over downtown Seattle
toward Queen Anne Hill and Lake Union.