A Taste of the Baltics

Just a reminder that there's life on fstopbentley.blogspot.com, where I've posted a mess of photos from my August trip to Latvia and Lithuania. Not all are as typically Eff-Stoppish as these but I am inordinately fond of patina and crusty walls, as you know.
Kaunas: Floodwater meter


Behind the Riga Market

Tukums house

Tukums shed door


Vilnius: Nazi/KGB dungeon wall with frame



Happenings at The Eff-Stop

This is just to say
I have posted the photos
that I was taking
in Riga, Latvia

Forgive me
they were so foreign
and thus out of scope for this blog

Please visit my other one at


Hot Weekend

Fireworks stand, Muckleshoot Reservation, Auburn WA
Industry, Mt. Vernon, WA

Crop duster, Burlington, WA

Mexican grocery, Mt. Vernon

Today/Yesteryear, Mt. Vernon

Country road, Skagit County WA